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How to do a Weekly Performance Review

Do the performance review (TL;DR)

  1. Print your weekly goals https://relaxhavefun.com/weekly_goals_print
  2. Print your progress from https://relaxhavefun.com/bricks_view
  3. Review each of your weekly goals and cross-reference with your activities over the past week
  4. Write down the results so that you can review your weekly reviews at the end of the year. You can write down your weekly performance reviews in a document somewhere.

If you haven’t done a performance review before, then your next performance review will be within the next 7 days – on Sunday or Monday, you decide. 🙂

In order for you to evaluate whether you’re achieving your target performance goals, you first need to define your metrics.

To define your metrics, think about what would make you happy looking back on it at the end of the week. What is success to you? Is it getting a lot of tasks done? Following your priorities? Tracking your time fully (8+hrs/day)?

If you’re working with a team, maybe your metrics would be softer goals. You may not be able to put a number on it, but you can use your best judgement to evaluate things like Productivity, Work Quality, Technical Skills, Work Consistency, Enthusiasm, Cooperation, Attitude, Initiateive, Work Relations, Creativity, Punctuality, Attendance, Depenability, and Communication Skills.

https://relaxhavefun.com/static/performance-review-form.pdf [credit to http://www.hooverwebdesign.com]

Set some time aside on Sunday or Monday to review your last weeks performance. This can be scheduled as a meeting or a weekly task. I prefer a re-occuring weekly meeting since I can set a time and the time is less flexible, I think “sometime on Sunday”.

Track your progress throughout the week. Use https://relaxhavefun.com and the  RHF android app to help remind you to measure your performance throughout the day. I personally try to measure as much as I can (even when I’m not really being productive, like taking a break or playing a game) so that I can be honest when the weekly review comes around.


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