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How to do Data Backup the Right Way

Have Fun with Data Backup.

How are you supposed to Relax, Have Fun if you’ve always got that little nag in the back of your mind worrying about whether your data is safe?

The solution that I used (and continue to use) is to set up multiple automated backups and verify those backups every week.

First, get organized – all of the files I need backed up are in one folder on my computer. That way I can automate the backup of just that one location.

Set up multiple local backups. Buy 2 (or more) external hard drives – and set up the automatic backups with a program called Bvckup 2 ($20).

Set up multiple online backups. I use SpiderOak and Keepvault.

If you’re a software developer like me, you can use GitLab for all of your repositories. That’s a nice free backup as well!

That’s it. 5 copies of your data: 1 live, 2 on external hard drives, and 2 in the cloud. If you run into problems you have options for restoring your files.

Check on your backups every week (20 minutes per week) to verify that they’re working and running as scheduled and never worry about data backup again.

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